About Flaming Leadership

Flaming Leadership was created to support professional women and female entrepreneurs to find more of their strength, more of their purpose, more of their voice, continue to develop their leadership skills and strategies and hold the beacon up to how things could work much more effectively across the globe. 

2020 has revealed where we are actually at in the world of leadership and where the need for change, courage and innovation really lies. 

Is this for you?

There are three signature programmes for women on offer, weekly free newsletters, one to one coaching opportunities and online networking events for all Flaming Leadership alumni.

Flaming Leadership

An 8 week group programme for professional women and female entrepreneurs to stand up, step in, speak out and lead the way for better change wherever their strengths belong.

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Warrior Women

An 8 week online programme for anyone who wants the old narrative to shift and things to move into brighter places. It’s for women to play their part in creating those changes with zero apology.

28 Days of Defiance

A powerful and  fun daily online programme which coaches you to play by your own rules and live your life in you full authenticity and self-acceptance.

About Dannie-Lu Carr

Dannie is an entrepreneur, training consultant and coach who works with women to get braver, find their power, purpose, use their voice and embrace fearless leadership in all areas of their life and work. She ensures that others will stand up and be heard, provoke important thought, create new narratives and achieve whatever they envisage by galvanising others into action. 

She is a published author, award-winning theatre director, singer/songwriter and founder of Creative Wavelengths™. 

For fun and sanity, Dannie is also an amateur StrongWoman - meaning she lifts heavy misshapen objects and throws them around to stay strong, resilient and joyful in both body and mind.

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