Ever felt like you’d like to change the world?

Ever felt like you’d like to change your industry?

Ever felt like you had more in you than you’ve let out before?

Maybe it’s time you turned to the Warrior of Women for some inspiration…

Warrior Women is an 8-week programme where we learn from some of the most kick ass women from history and the modern day – we learn about their stories, their responses, their actions and then we practically apply the stuff to ourselves.

By combining my work on communications, leadership, feminism, public speaking, performing, assertiveness and bodywork (trauma release and strength training), I will work to help you both learn from and implement strategies to get you past fears, shakes and any voices in your brain telling you that you can’t, to do the work and get out there to make changes that make a difference. 

This programme is for anyone who wants the old narrative to shift and thing to move into brighter places. It’s for women to play their part in creating those changes. 

Every week you will work on a new module that you can go through at your own pace on the online platform Thinkific. 

There will also be some Zoom call options where you can attend live.

The power is all yours. I’m just going to help you unlock it. Along with the help of these incredible women and their legacies of course.

This course is commencing on Monday 2nd November 2020.

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